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A damaged axle can be extremely dangerous while you are out driving on the road. Your axle carries the weight of the vehicle and passengers and is responsible for a lot of your vehicle’s safety – a damaged drive axle is not just an inconvenience, it can have dangerous consequences if not repaired the moment you notice an issue.

In order to stay safe while on the road, you want to recognize the warning signs that indicate the need for an axle repair and get in touch with Hoffmaster’s Auto Care immediately. You can trust us to keep your drive axles in great working condition and get you back on the road in no time.

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Our Drive Axle Repairs Include:

How to Tell if Your Drive Axle Needs Repaired

With a broken axle being as dangerous as it is, you may be wondering what the warning signs are that your drive axle, driveshaft, or CV joint is under strain.

Paying attention to your car’s warning signs can save you a dangerous breakdown and can help you save money by having the issue repaired before it becomes catastrophic.

Here are the warning signs of a broken drive axle you can look out for. Notice any of these? Contact Hoffmaster’s Auto Care ASAP to book an appointment and have your car repaired.

Clicking Sounds

Abnormal sounds are one of the most common ways to identify your car is having issues. If your drive axle needs repaired, you will hear clicking noises when making a turn.

Grease Spots on Tires

Always check your tires before getting in the vehicle – not just for flats or low pressure, but punctures and also grease. If grease has leaked onto your tires, this is an indication you need CV joint repairs because they are leaking.

Vehicle Vibrations

The biggest indication you need axle repairs in Silver Spring is if your vehicle is vibrating, especially at high speeds.

Vehicle vibrations happen when the driveshaft or CV joints are weakening or broken. These damages cause the vehicle to be unbalanced, putting you at great risk for an accident.

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Drive Axle Repair Service in Silver Spring, MDRely on our ASE-certified automotive technicians for superior quality and reliable work at Hoffmaster’s Auto Care

We provide quality, affordable services that we stand behind with a 5-star reputation. Get back out on the road in no time with our top-quality drive axle services and repairs in Silver Spring.

Make sure you are safe every time you get behind the wheel with prompt, efficient, and reliable services from Hoffmaster’s Auto Care. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has been providing prompt, reliable, and efficient drive axle services in Silver Spring, MD for more than 40 years.

We care about you, your safety, and the trust you put in us. We will ensure honest communication and will answer all of your questions to provide the best solutions for you and your vehicle.

Why Work with Hoffmaster’s Auto Care for Axle Repair Service in Maryland

5-Star Reputation

Check out reviews from our local customers to see why you should work with Hoffmaster’s Auto Care for drive axle repairs and more. Get to know us and our service!

Honest Mechanics

There’s no upselling, no lies, no misleads. Our mission is to provide you an auto repair shop you can trust for life, and that means honest work we stand behind.

Proven Solutions

No guesswork, no long wait times – we analyze and diagnose your vehicle’s problem ASAP and implement proven repair solutions for drive axles, CV joints, and drive shafts that keep you safe.

40+ Years of Service

We’ve been servicing the vehicles of Silver Spring for over 40 years! That’s decades of trust, referrals, and reliable business that keep clients coming back.

Contact us today for drive axle repairs in Silver Spring! Request an appointment online or give us a call.

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