Maryland Vehicle Inspection

Hoffmaster’s Auto Shop is a certified Maryland State Inspection Station. 

When you are purchasing a used vehicle it is vital to obtain a safety inspection from a Vehicle Inspection Station. The Maryland Safety Inspection ensures the vehicle meets all aspects of safety as put forth by the MVA. With a certified Maryland car inspection, you know your new car or truck will get you where you need to go, without worry and without unexpected breakdowns.

Hoffmaster’s Auto Care is certified to complete all Maryland inspections, and we do so with care, attention to detail, and are thoroughly prepared to handle any repair that may be required in order to pass the inspection. 

Our mechanics can review your vehicle for safety standards and advise on how to get your vehicle up to safety standards if you don’t pass the first time. Plus, as a full-service auto shop, we can complete all repair on-site.

Maryland State Inspection Facility

Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist

The Maryland State Vehicle Inspection checks for all components of your vehicle that make it safe to be on the road. This covers everything from under the engine to inside the cabin. By reviewing the checklist before your Maryland state inspection appointment, you can be better prepared for a pass the first time through.

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Maryland Inspection Station

Authorized Safety Inspection Station In Silver Spring, Maryland

If you are worried about your car or truck passing the Maryland Vehicle Inspection, talk to us about repair that are needed before completing the inspection.

As a Maryland Inspection Station, we are set up to handle the repair you need in order to get your vehicle approved and ready to go on the road. Brakes making noises? Wipers skipping or broken? Exhaust system in need of some repair? We handle it all.

When you visit us, we ensure we are your one-stop shop. A vehicle safety inspection with our crew will not take all of your time – we can handle the inspection, repair, and certification process.

This means you are in, out, and covered. If we experience any delays or notice any major repair, we will keep you informed so you can manage your time, budget, and visit without hassle. Get back on the road safely and on time with our dedicated auto crew.

Most inspection repair can be handled easily and quickly in the auto shop, and we will talk you through the more costly repair if we find any major damages or concerns. We take your safety and time seriously and we want to ensure that when you get on the road, you can trust the Maryland Safety Inspection your vehicle received.

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If you fail your Maryland state vehicle inspection, don’t worry. You have 30 days or 1,000 miles to reschedule your inspection. You can revisit the same auto shop or visit a new one to determine your pass/fail status.

At Hoffmaster’s Auto Repair, we can handle your Maryland state vehicle inspection repair. Whether you got your inspection with us or a neighboring shop, we can help handle all repair to get you to safety status.

As a Maryland state inspection station, we know exactly what your vehicle needs. We can help troubleshoot, repair, and fix any issues you’re having with your vehicle. Schedule a back to back inspection and we’ll have you good to go quickly.

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Maryland State Inspection FAQ

What is a Maryland State Vehicle Inspection?

A Maryland State Vehicle Inspection is an inspection of your vehicle to be sure it passes safety standards. These Maryland state safety inspections help to ensure your car or truck is safe to be on the road by meeting state standards. This checks the state of your brakes, windshield wipers, lights, electrical components, latches, and more. All of these components make your vehicle safer for both drivers and passengers. This is different than emissions testing, which tests engine components.

Maryland State Inspection vs Emissions Testing

Emissions testing tests your vehicle for toxic exhaust fumes and exhaust components. This is to help catch failures in the engine that stop it from putting dangerous gases into the air. This is different than a Maryland State Safety Inspection, which looks for safety components throughout the entire vehicle.

Who Needs a Maryland State Vehicle Inspection?

When you move to Maryland or purchase a new or used vehicle, you must have your vehicle go through a vehicle state safety inspection. Everyone who purchases a new or used vehicle must have their vehicle go through the state safety inspection. Any person who moves into the state of Maryland must also have their vehicle go through the state safety inspection before they can register their vehicle in the state of Maryland.

How Often Do I Need a Vehicle Safety Inspection?

In Maryland, you have your Maryland state vehicle safety inspection completed, by law, only once. This is once you move into Maryland or purchase a new or used vehicle. The safety inspection ensures your car is safe to be on the road and must be completed in order to acquire your registration.

How Long Do I Have to Get My Vehicle Inspected in Maryland?

Your safety inspection certificate must be dated within 90 days of when you go to get your vehicle registered. You want to complete your safety inspection ASAP in Maryland so you can have a road-legal vehicle without any delays.

Where Do I Go for a State Vehicle Safety Inspection?

You can visit any Maryland state vehicle inspection station. That means that the local Maryland auto shop is certified to inspect vehicles per the state’s standards and supply pass or fail checks.

How much does a Maryland State Vehicle Inspection Cost?

A Maryland vehicle inspection cost can range between $60 to $120, and on an average, it hovers around $90. Contact Hoffmaster’s Auto for an exact quote based on your vehicle’s year, make, and model.

How long does a Maryland safety inspection take?

On average, your Maryland vehicle inspection will take around 90 minutes. This can vary based on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. During your appointment confirmation, we will confirm with you the expected wait time.

What Happens if I Fail My Maryland State Vehicle Inspection?

You have 30 days or 1,000 miles to get your vehicle reinspected before it is illegal to have it on the road. If you visit the same auto inspection station, your reinspection will be at a lower cost than your initial inspection. Hoffmaster’s Auto can schedule your repair following your state inspection appointment for faster service.

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Schedule your Maryland state safety inspection today with our 5-star rated auto shop. We’ll get you in and out in no time.

More than a Maryland Inspection Station:
Brake Inspections and Trip Preparation

If your vehicle already has its safety inspection, but you have other concerns about your vehicle, we provide numerous other safety inspections as part of our authorized safety inspection services in Maryland.

Hoffmaster’s Auto Care also offers brake and lamp inspections, maintenance inspections, and trip inspections. Have us check out your brakes, brake lights, and car or truck before you leave for that big family vacation. With Hoffmaster’s Auto Care, there is less worrying and more driving, so you can see the places you’re trying to visit without unexpected pit stops along the way.

Brake inspections are vital when you think you have concerns about your car’s safety. Talk to us about a brake inspection, where we will check the entire brake system including fluid, rotors, pads, and more.

Some signs you need a brake inspection include vibrations or pulling when braking, squeaking or grinding noises when applying the brakes, the need to pump your brakes to gain traction, or the ABS light is on. Let us know what’s going on with your vehicle, and we will create a repair plan.

Brake inspections can also include brake lamp inspections. Always keep your brake lights in full operation so you can alert other drivers when you are coming to a stop. This prevents collisions and keeps everyone safe on the road. And if your ABS light is on, we can run diagnostics to check what is happening, so we will isolate the problem and get it repaired.

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Plan a Safety Vehicle Inspection Before Your Next Road Trip

Going on a vacation or long road trip? Trip inspections are part of what we handle. Before taking the family on a long vacation trip, or before leaving for your cross-country adventure this summer, bring your car to Hoffmaster’s Auto Care for a proper trip and authorized safety inspection in Silver Spring, MD.

Nothing will dampen your trip quicker than a brake failure, a needed oil change, a tire rotation, or something more serious. We make sure that before you leave, your vehicle can handle the adventure, so all you need to worry about is what to pack and what to see.

If you have any vehicle concerns, contact us to discuss them. We will let you know what services and safety inspections we offer in order to ensure you feel confident behind the wheel.

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Hoffmaster’s Auto Care is your trusted Maryland State Vehicle Inspection Station in Silver Spring, MD. Our customer service is backed by customer service awards, 5-star testimonials, and more.

We don’t just deliver a state vehicle inspection, we explain the repair we see and the best plan of action to get you back on the road, no problems and at an affordable cost.

Trust us for your used vehicle inspection, a brake and lamp inspection, a trip inspection, maintenance inspections, and more. Go further with the auto services and state inspections at Hoffmaster’s Auto Care.

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