9 Car Maintenance Tips for Winter 

We’ve put together the 9 most essential winter vehicle maintenance tips that you can take care of in one weekend. This includes examining your car fluids, replacing worn-out car parts, switching to winter-safe gear, and putting together an emergency kit.
9 Car Maintenance Tips for Winter silver spring md

Do you need to prep your car for winter but you don’t know where to begin? Don’t wait until the snow is here to take care of your tires, battery, or winter emergency supplies. As fall shifts to winter, you want to be on top of your winter vehicle maintenance, for safety and efficiency.

We’ve put together the 9 most essential winter vehicle maintenance tips that you can take care of in one weekend. This includes examining your car fluids, replacing worn-out car parts, switching to winter-safe gear, and putting together an emergency kit.

Get your car winter-ready with our 9 tips on how to prepare your car for winter. 

9 Tips How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter Car Care Tip #1: Check Your Battery

Cold weather puts an added strain on car batteries. Before temperatures start to dip down under 40-50 degrees, you want to have your battery tested for good output. If your battery is low, old, or dying, it is likely to die during severe cold weather.

Avoid breakdowns or being stranded by a dead battery by checking your battery with a tester or by swinging by your local mechanic. During a routine check-up appointment they can assess your battery and connection points.

Winter Car Care Tip #2: Check Antifreeze/Coolant

It’s a myth that you don’t need coolant in the winter months – your car requires the proper fluids all year round. Antifreeze helps lower the freezing temperature of the fluids in your car so they can work properly and reduce the risk of freezing and cracking.

Remember to check your coolant and antifreeze levels or request your local auto shop handle the checks during the winter checkup routine to prevent engine damage if your area receives freezing or below-freezing temperatures. 

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Winter Car Care Tip #3: Examine Your Tires for Pressure and Tread

One of the most critical parts of winter vehicle maintenance is checking your tires for proper tire pressure and safe tread. It’s a common myth that you can or should reduce your tire pressure in winter for better grip, which is actually false.

Make sure your tires are at the proper tire pressure recommended PSI. You also want to inspect your tread and be sure it can grip the road and won’t be too slick. If you’re worried about your tires in icy or snowy conditions, ask your mechanic about winter tires for the worst weather predicted.  

Winter Car Care Tip #4: Replace Worn Wiper Blades

Wiper blades wear down over time, even more so in cold weather. Check your wiper blades to see if they’re brittle, cracking, worn, or missing parts.

You can pick up new wiper blades at an affordable price from most auto shops or visit your local auto care shop to help install and replace. It’s important to test your wipers before ice, rain, or snow to ensure safe visibility in inclement weather. 

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Winter Car Care Tip #5: Switch to Winter-Grade Washer Fluid

Most winter vehicle maintenance is about the prevention of freezing fluids within your vehicle. This includes your windshield wiper fluid.

Switch out your fluid for a winter-grade fluid that isn’t going to freeze in cold temperatures. In addition to preventing any hoses or containers from cracking, your windshield wiper fluid in winter helps with visibility so you won’t be left blind in bad weather conditions, including snow and ice. 

Winter Car Care Tip #6: Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Weather in winter can prevent hazardous conditions with little warning. In order to prevent safety hazards while on the road, always have your gas tank full and prepared for any delays you may face.  

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Winter Car Care Tip #7: Put Together an Emergency Kit

Prepare an emergency kit for your vehicle, including a blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and non-perishable snacks. If you already have an emergency kit, check it for winter essentials to help in case of being stranded in poor weather.

You want a battery pack for your phone, water, sweatshirts, and a change of clothes. 

Winter Car Care Tip #8: Brake Checks

Black ice will cause unexpected accidents on the road and you want your brakes prepared for whatever you encounter on your trips.

Check your brakes to ensure they are well-padded and safe for unexpected accidents that are more likely to occur in the winter months. This includes checking your brake fluid and having your local mechanic recommend when your next brake change should be. 

Winter Car Care Tip #9: Keep the Heater Flowing

Not having a functioning heater during the rest of the year can seem like no big deal, but a car without a heater in winter can have dangerous consequences.

If you’ve been experiencing issues with your heater, visit your local auto care shop ASAP for a heater diagnosis. You want your car to be able to supply warm air in any weather so you’re not facing cold conditions that can compromise your driving. 

Schedule Your Winter Vehicle Maintenance Appointment Today

Are you ready for the winter months? Winter car prep can be easy and fast if you know what to look for and how to fix it.

Local mechanics like Hoffmaster’s Auto Care are available to set you up with a winter check-up appointment to go over your heater, lights, fluids, tires, brakes, battery, and more. Be prepared before you get on the road this winter season so you can make every trip uneventful. 

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