How to Know If Your Axle Is Broken

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How to Know If Your Axle Is Broken

How to Know If Your Axle Is Broken

Axles are an essential part of every vehicle, and it can be extremely dangerous if you drive on a broken axle.

Once your axle is broken, your car won’t operate or drive. The danger of a broken axle is if it breaks while you are driving, especially dangerous at high speeds on highly populated roads, like interstates and highways. While you can anticipate an axle breaking before it happens, you have to be knowledgeable of the signs. 

If you are someone who finds it hard to determine whether the axles of your vehicles are functioning properly or not, then read ahead to understand the signs of broken axles and how to avoid a dangerous accident. 

First things first - what is a vehicle axle?

In simple terms, axles are the rods that connect wheels with the engine and steering system. Power gets transferred to the axle from the engine and transmission, which helps drive the wheels. Generally, a car has two axles; however, this number may go up on the basis of the nature of every vehicle.

Axles usually come in three types, the rear axle that provides power to the driving wheels, the front axle that helps with steering, and the stub axle that is connected to the front wheels.

What Causes a Broken Axle?

Before knowing the signs of a broken axle, it is important to know the reasons behind what causes an axle of a vehicle to fail. There are multiple reasons behind the failure of an axle.

Automobile accidents cause great damage to the parts of a vehicle, and most often, these accidents are the reason behind the damage to any axle. If you’ve recently been in any collision, check the status of your axles. 

Major parts of any vehicle are made up of metal, which gets rusted over a period of time. Axles, being one of such parts, can also fall prey to metallic rusting and become damaged over the course of time. Such incidents often occur in older or high-mileage cars.

Vehicles often also suffer from overloading. Overloading not only causes damage to the wheels but also aids in the breaking of axles. Never try to overload cargo or passengers in your vehicle; otherwise, this may break the axles of your automobile. Understand the capacity and weight restrictions at all times. 

Aside from these reasons, factors such as poor road conditions also damage the axle of a vehicle. Large bumps and potholes put a lot of stress on an axle, which eventually breaks them apart. Avoid driving fast over potholes and bumps; otherwise, you may damage the axle of your vehicle. Driving at a reasonable speed can substantially increase the life of your axle and reduce the risk of impact. 

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Signs of a Broken Axle

Problem with Tire Rotation

Broken axles cause huge problems with tire rotation. The tires of your car won’t be able to rotate properly in case of a broken axle, which is why this is the most common sign to identify a broken axle. 

Due to the problem in tire rotation, you would find a hard time accelerating from a stop. Therefore, whenever you find it difficult to rotate tires, then rush to any axle repair shop in Maryland and fix the broken axle of your vehicle.

Loud Noises

Sometimes, you can also identify broken axles from grinding noises coming from underneath your car. These noises usually occur when damage has been caused to axles recently. If you start hearing clunking noises when wheels start to rotate, then be careful and watch out for broken axles immediately.

Bumpy ride

A broken axle can definitely give you a bumpy ride, which can consequently spoil the experience of your journey. You can experience a wobbly ride due to multiple reasons, such as tire inflation, poorly aligned wheels, loose nuts, etc. What drivers fail to notice is that, apart from the above-mentioned reasons, a broken axle can also be the primary reason for a wobbly ride.

So, if any driver experiences a bumpy ride in the middle of the journey, then you must consider checking whether there is a case of a broken axle or not.

Poor functioning of brakes

A broken axle not only affects the working of tires but also severely damages the brakes of a vehicle. A broken axle initially affects the alignment between the brake pads, which causes sudden skidding to a stop.

There could be a case where your vehicle might be getting started conveniently; however, you may encounter difficulty in applying brakes due to a broken axle. At that point in time, don’t put force on your brakes; otherwise, more damage will be caused to your vehicle. Go ahead to any auto shop and get your broken axle repaired immediately for hassle-free functioning of your vehicle.

Poorly aligned tires

Another indicator of a broken axle includes poorly aligned tires and wobbling steering. Drivers often ignore the signs of misalignment in the tires of their vehicles, which further deteriorates the condition of their broken axles. What makes this problem worse is that they continue driving their vehicle even after signs of misalignment. One has to understand that misaligned tires are a common indicator of broken axles in big vehicles; therefore, never overlook any case of poor alignment of tires in your vehicle, as it could have been caused by a broken axle.

Vehicle Strains

A broken axle causes strain in a vehicle. There could be times when there could not be any power sent to the wheels, and you may face difficulty in shifting the gear. So, look out for any broken axle if you experience any strain in your vehicle and get it repaired in the nearby auto shop soon.

How to Avoid Broken Axles?

Broken axles are usually found in old automobiles; therefore, always go for a routine servicing of your car if you have been driving it for a long time. As stated, avoid driving your vehicle at high speed as it causes huge damage to the axle of your vehicle.

Further, do not overload your vehicle with passengers, as it breaks your axle, causing damage to your tires. At last, quickly rush to the auto repair center if you encounter any sign of a broken axle in your vehicle.

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